FITTING STUDIO @ ORCHARD GOLF CENTER                                  

Stop in and discuss these fittings and fees with one of our fitting experts.

  • Driver Fitting: the goal is to find the right combination of driver loft and shaft specification that will
    deliver the best overall distance and accuracy.
  • Iron Fitting: requires collecting data on ball speed, launch and spin rates for a host of different irons.
  • Full Bag Fitting: designed for the player who wants 13 new clubs; incorporating both the driver and iron
    fittings. This should be done in (2) 1-hour sessions to avoid fatigue.
  • Gap Fitting: designed for those happy with their current set, but need to address how effectively the set
    covers different distances. From the data captured by FlightScope yardage gaps and
    overlaps are identified.
  • Wedge Fitting: designed to provide data backup to the wedge selection process.
    Bending and adjusting loft and lie are included.
  • Ball Fitting: provides data to help each golfer select the best golf ball for their individual swing.

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